macOS Elbe

One desktop, all-in-one mission control. Your Mac just went dead-simple.

One Desktop for Your Mac

Now your apps will not overlap while you use them. Overlapping apps are impossible to interact with. As Apple’s hardware supports amazing swipe gesture functionality, we can use it to effortlessly swipe between active apps on the desktop. There is no need to split apps between multiple desktops, and arranging apps automatically makes even a large amount of windows easy to interact with.

Every app window includes some real-estate that the user can use to swipe the desktop with. The areas of the desktop that are visible can also be swiped to switch between apps. Hardware shortcuts and the dock are available as well. Full-screen apps expand in place and the OS remembers which windows have been set to fullscreen.

The user can also reveal the new all-in-one mission control view by pressing the Apple button on the menu bar. Swipe gestures and keyboard shortcuts are also available to reveal mission control.

Windows are always arranged in a linear or tiled interface and you can access each one like a page in your book or a spread-out stack of playing cards on a table.

Notification center has been taken back by notifications: widgets have been cleaned up and moved back to the desktop, where they belong. The user can choose to include their favorite widgets on the left side of the app window reel. These widgets remain usable in mission control.

This is macOS Elbe.